Empower your marketing and sales success.

Fractional CMO and Business Development consulting services
for lawyers and service professionals
An absolute pleasure to work with. They took our product up a notch.
Annabelle Porter, Grillz
They helped us launch sooner and achieve spectacular results. We are thrilled.
Jon Parks, Blam
Building our site was easier than expected. I can highly recommend them.
Bradley Thompson, Booze

Get your time back &
better serve your clients.

Grow revenue and lower client acquisition costs with proven marketing and sales playbooks.

How Tetrapeak can help

We help business owners, internal marketing teams, and consultants improve marketing and sales results.

Marketing Performance

Accurately measure marketing effectiveness and drive revenue growth.

  • Strategy development
  • Program & project management
  • ROI tracking and reporting
  • Lead intake and conversion optimization
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Business Development Consulting

Develop new marketing, selling and customer service skills to maximize your revenue.

  • Prospecting strategy
  • Business plan development
  • Sales process optimization
  • Skills development and training
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Social Media Consulting

Make sure your message is heard loud and clear by the people that matter most. 

  • Platform audit
  • Profile optimization
  • Content strategy
  • Network and community development
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Technology Consulting

Save time, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

  • Tech stack audit
  • Marketing, sales and practice management software 
  • Call tracking solutions
  • Video conferencing
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Our Process

What to expect when partnering with us
Assessment Call
Here’s where we talk about the benefits and drawbacks of working with each other.
Discovery Consultation
If there’s a mutual fit, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss detailed project goals and determine success metrics.
Then, we’ll outline the entire scope of our engagement along with the associated fees and timelines in a custom proposal.
You get your time back and can focus on better serving your clients – and we deliver on our promises and drive results.

Reach peak performance

Empower your marketing and sales success

  • Increase billable hours
  • Improve sales pipeline stability
  • Lessen administrative burden
  • Safeguard your marketing investment
  • Accurately track results
  • Serve your clients better
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Who are our clients?
Tetrapeak primarily advises legal, financial, engineering, and insurance services professionals.
How do I know if Tetrapeak is right for my business?
-You sense like you’re spending too much money on marketing and have no idea what’s working and what’s not?

-You don’t understand what your marketing and sales performance reporting data really means – or worse – this info isn’t available or reliable.

-You prefer to outsource versus making investments to hire  experienced marketing talent and associated staff.

-You want to grow your business and better serve your clients instead of proactively managing ongoing marketing efforts.

-You only hear from your marketing agency when they want to sell you something – meanwhile, your dedicated sales rep turns over every 12-24 months.

-You feel a bit overwhelmed and believe that a proactive marketing and sales point of contact will help you stay more focused, organized and productive.

An assessment call might be worthwhile if you answered Yes to any of these questions.
Are you a ‘full-service’ marketing agency?
No. We're a consulting company.

Our model is designed to support your existing framework. We work in a capacity that's completely aligned with your unique business and culture. You get your time back and better serve your clients - we focus on driving marketing and sales results.
Will you work with our in-house marketing team and/or marketing agency?

We believe that collaboration is the key to developing more trusted partnerships and better business results.
How do you charge?
Our typical fee arrangements are billed hourly, on a per project-basis, or flat monthly subscription.

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